Adoptable Bunnies

These bunnies are currently available for adoption. For more information about adopting one of these bunnies, please call us at 954-968-7171.

We usually don't do things like this but under certain circumstances we are trying to help. We have a client that is in a very unfortunate situation and has to move out of the country. Unfortunately, this client cannot take any of her rabbits with her and we are trying to help her find loving homes.

Adobtable Bunnies


Mariah is a 5 year old black standard rex, 100% litterbox trained and loves a gentle touch. Quiet, but very smart and full of happy personality.

Adoptable Bunny


Fifinka is a neutered 5 year old black standard rex. He's a 100% litterbox trained, very sweet and loving

Adoptable Bunny

Fuzik and Fuzinka

Fuzik and Fuzinka are a standard rex bonded pair
4 year old brother and sister, neutered and spayed
100% litterbox trained, very sweet and cuddly

Adoptable Bunnies


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